What kind of DEVICE should I use for the best results?
• Desktop PC or Mac
• Laptop PC or Mac
• iPad or tablet
• Cellphone (a cell phone can be used, however, for the best experience we don’t recommend)
• DO NOT use a Chromebook! Due to Chromebook’s incompatibility with some video players, Chromebook will
not work with our Learning Management System. Please use another device that is not a

What kind of BROWSER should I use?
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Edge
• Opera
• Safari
• DO NOT use Internet Explorer! Microsoft has not supported or updated IE since 2015. IE should
not be used at all for internet safety.

What kind of INTERNET CONNECTION should I have?
Wi-Fi and LAN connections work best. When using Wi-Fi, it must be a strong connection. Don’t use
public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi has a lot of traffic on the signal, which is problematic. This will cause a lot of
buffering and breaks in the connection.

If you are using a smartphone, DO NOT use your data plan! A data signal is inconsistent, and you will not
get the results you need to complete the program.

I don’t see the courses I purchased in “My Courses”.
• Log in (you must be logged in to access the course(s) you purchased.
• Click on the course or bundle that you purchased to load it into your account.
• Click on the first Lesson in the table of contents

How do I log in?
You will need to log in with your KPA profile username and password. If you do not know your KPA username or password, please email

The course is not advancing after I have watched a video in a Lesson. What do I do?
• You don’t need to watch the video again unless you want to.
• Make sure you don’t stop the video before it reaches the end.
• Give it a minute
• Refresh the browser

When you begin a course DO NOT advance the video manually. This will affect your being able to advance to the quiz and receive CE credit.

How can I get help not listed in the FAQ?
Email us at Contacting us via email is the fastest and most efficient way to get help.

Thank you!

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