Evaluating Public Participation to Address Historic Racial Disenfranchisement and Empower Communities, 1.5 CE

Presented by Daniel DeCaro, Ph.D. and Allison Smith, Ph.D. 

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Workshop Description: 

This workshop will discuss methods for assessing perceptions of "participation" and "empowerment" during public engagement events in racially marginalized communities. This session will also provide recommendations for meaningful public engagement and inform how to improve the public participation process to better empower these communities

Workshop Objectives: 

Based on the content of this workshop, attendees will be able to: 

  • Critique and apply psychological assessments (surveys) of public engagement events to better evaluate the participatory fit and empowerment provided by those events
  • Learn principles and methods to tailor public engagement processes to stakeholders and issues, and identify important situational obstacles, as a critical component of best practices.
  • Recognize the historic barriers to community empowerment in racially and economically marginalized communities, as well as the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration (government, non-government, and community stakeholders) to overcome these barriers.

Skill Level:


About the Presenters: 

Daniel DeCaro, Ph.D. 

Dr. DeCaro is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville in the Department of Urban and Public Affairs and Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. His research focuses on participatory democracy, sustainability, and the interdisciplinary psychology of motivation and decision-making involved in societal cooperation and governance.

Allison Smith, Ph.D. 

Dr. Smith is Community Engagement Strategist and Brownfields Program Manager in the Office of Advanced Planning for Louisville Metro Government, as well as a part-time lecturer in the Biology Department at the University of Louisville. She advises city agencies on effective community engagement and leads a work group focused on improving the city’s outreach to residents. Her research interests include environmental justice and policy, affordable housing, inclusive community engagement in marginalized communities, and climate change effects on aquatic systems

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