Covid Encephalopathy: Long- Term Neurocognitive Concerns, 1.5 CE

Presented by Timothy Ainger, Ph.D. 

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Course Description:

This workshop will discuss the short- and long-term neurocognitive impact of Covid-19 infection and recovery. Through both a review of contemporary literature and case-study analysis, the possible ongoing neurologic, psychological, physical, and social implications of Covid-19 will be scrutinized. Emerging trends in cognitive and psychological disease recovery will be reviewed. Skill Level: Intermediate. 

Course Objectives: 

Based on the content of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Review and discuss recent literature trends on Covid-19 encephalopathy and cognition. 
  • Describe various components of cognition that may be impacted by Covid-19, and how performance trends may change over the course of the disease and recovery. 
  • Discuss the facets of long-term neurocognitive outcomes in Covid-19 patients and the impact it may have on them beyond physical health.

Skill Level:


About the Presenter: 

Timothy Ainger, Ph.D., is a clinical neuropsychologist and an assistant professor of neurology with the UK College of Medicine and the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute in Lexington, KY. He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. He completed his clinical internship at the Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical and Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center in Richmond, VA, focusing on neurocognitive assessment and rehabilitation in veterans with multiple traumas and traumatic brain injuries. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship training in clinical neuropsychology with Cornerstone Neuropsychology (an affiliate of Wake Forest Baptist Health) in High Point, NC. He also spent three years working for the US Department of Justice (FBI). He focuses on applied neuropsychology, examining ways to enhance the clinical conceptualization of diverse populations and diagnoses. His clinical work and research foci include epilepsy, kidney and liver transplant, resiliency and wellness, primary and secondary changes in executive functioning, multiple sclerosis, psychopathy, and forensics. He is a frequently requested speaker on both the regional and the national level and is a consultant for both the US federal government and Warner Brothers Entertainment. He is a National Multiple Sclerosis Society Partner-In-Care, has received recognition for both his academic medical teaching and for his work with physician wellness. He currently serves on UK The Neurology Department Wellness Committee and The Diversity & Inclusion Committee, UK Graduate Medical Education Development Subcommittee, the UK College of Medicine Faculty Wellness Committee, and the International Aerospace Neurology Consortium (where he is also the co-chair of the neurocognitive steering group

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Covid Encephalopathy: Long- Term Neurocognitive Concerns01:30:00
Lesson: Covid Encephalopathy: Long- Term Neurocognitive Concerns 01:30:00
Quiz: Covid Encephalopathy: Long- Term Neurocognitive Concerns
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